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- What exactly is transparate?

- What Transparate does? 

- Do we trade minutes?

- Oh, you are an exchange, right?

- Do you protect payments?

- Who is using Transparate?

- What is your business model?

- Where is the catch?

- How do I pay for your services?

- Who is John Galt?



What exactly is Transparate?

Transparate is online meeting place for voice carriers to do business in a brand new way. Some of our members call it "dating” service for carriers… but we prefer to call it "matching” services: we constantly compare all rates of all carriers against each other to create rate opportunities for your business. And we do it well. 

What Transparate does?

Transparate is matching your rates with all other rates of all other carriers in order to generate leads: profitable combinations of sellers and buyers. This way you can develop partnerships as directly as possible with as less intermediaries as possible. 

Do we trade minutes?

Transparate is in no way involved into minutes trading, though sometimes people call what we do as "trading”. We match sellers and buyers and speed-up negotiations process. The rest of the business is in your hands. 

Oh, you are an exchange, right?

Exactly not. An exchange is making money on the fact that seller does not know buyer and vice versa. At Transparate we do the opposite: we encourage seller and buyer to know each other. We strongly believe that standard exchange is a bit out of date and our approach serves better business interests of voice traders.  

Do you protect payments?

No, we don’t. We partner with Vertecto and their business focus is to protect your payments to carriers. You may check Vertecto services here. Moreover, we have a special trade floor for all Vertecto members to see matches among each other for free. Visit the Floor.

Who is using Transparate?

Transparate is for account managers and business developers who are actively trading voice traffic. You can see the full members list here. We believe that sooner or later each carrier dealing with minutes will have an account here: to be linked with rate opportunities we generate every second.    

What is your business model?

You mean how we make money? Ok. We have Free (no charge) and Pro (500 USD per year) accounts. Free account is designed for Genuine Direct* Routes Sellers (focused on one destination only and looking for more buyers). Pro account is designed for A-Z* guys – carriers actively selling \ buying destinations on daily basis. We meet both groups with each other so all our Members can benefit from profitable partnerships. 

Where is the catch?

There is no catch. 

How do I pay for your services?

For Transparate Pro account we accept standard wire transfers (500 usd fee for annual subscription). For Vertecto Pro account we accept payments via Vertecto escrow. Credit card, PayPal and other payment methods are not available for the moment.

Who is John Galt?

When someone asks you something nobody has answer to, you may reply: "Who is John Galt?” Thank you, Ayn Rand. 

If you still have questions, you may visit our Tutorials section to read our list of "how to” and get the best out of your Transparate account.


Tutorial | how to use your account


Transparate Vocabulary

  1. Rate Comparison System
  2. Match
  3. Mismatch
  4. Deal
  5. Feedback


  1. How to switch between Selling and Buying destinations?
  2. How to add a destination?
  3. How to edit a destination?
  4. How to add more details to my destination?
  5. How to feature my destination?
  6. How to upload a huge list of destinations?


  1. How to see what matches the system found?
  2. How to see other carrier’s selling/buying prices? (What’s my status on this market?)


  1. What are deals?
  2. How to open deals?
  3. How do I know if somebody replied?
  4. How to answer incoming deals?
  5. I accepted. Now what?
  6. How to leave feedback/delete deal?

If something is still not clear drop us a line in the live support section.



Transparate Vocabulary

  1. Rate Comparison System – Is the, under-the-hood, rate matching machine on which our website is built. It’s main purpose is to analyze member’s rates and match them to other member’s rates that will result in a profitable margin.

  2. Match – is a potential deal that the rate comparison system has found according to your current rates and is displayed in The Page.

  3. Mismatch – is similar to matches only that it has a slightly negative margin. They are usually shown right below the matches list with a minus sign

  4. Deal -  is an offer sent to another Transparate member for a specific match/mismatch that starts the negotiation process. 

  5. Feedback – also know as Rating, represents just what it sounds like, a rating left by one member to another after the deal is finished. 


 How to switch between Sell and Buy modes? 

Before starting any activity on Transparate you will need to answer the question: Am I going to be a seller or a buyer? 

If you are a seller, click on the "Sell" tab on the top menu.

If you are a buyer, obviously, click on the "Buy" tab. 

If you are both, then… it doesn't really matter which one you choose. 

Adding Destinations

Adding destinations is very easy. 3 steps:

  1. click the "+” button in the Sell/Buy page and a quick add form will open
  2. fill it in with the destination name, rate and currency
  3. Click "OK”

Adding more destination info

Want to add more info on your destination? Easy!

  1. In the Destination list, on the left part of the screen, you will see an Info button. Click on it
  2. A pop up will appear where you can fill in all necessary info. You can even leave a comment on it! 
  3. When done, click "Save”

… you’re done.

Editing destinations

It’s similar to the adding a destination process:

  1. click the ‘+’ add new destination sign 
  2. type in the name of an existing destination you’ll notice that the current price is shown automatically
  3. Change the price and click "OK”

That’s it!

Featuring your Top 10 destinations

Let’s say you have a very good route to sell, or a very urgent route that you want to buy. And you don’t want it to get lost among other posts that members see. 

We’ve thought about that and… we’d like to introduce – TOP10!

A post marked as a featured /Top10 will always be displayed in the top of the matches list of other members. It will be highlighted and marked with a star icon. Here’s how to feature your post:

  1. find it in your destinations list
  2. notice the grey ‘star’ icon. 
  3. Click on it. You’re done! Click it again to undo that.  

… I know, I know, isn’t that too easy? But that’s just the way we like to do things 

A-Z list upload

If you feel more comfortable working with your rates in a spreadsheet file, then there’s an answer for you. On the bottom left corner of the screen you will see our Upload Zone. 

You'll need to: 

  1. Download the template (if you have added any destinations manually, they will be included in that file)
  2. Open it and fill it with other destinations that you want to add to your list and then Save it. 
  3. Return to the site, click the Upload button and choose that file from your system. File finishes to upload. Done!


Analyzing matches

So you’ve probably added some rates and now you’re interested if the system found you anything interesting. Well, if there are any profitable opportunities the system will show them in form of Matches/Mismatches. 

  1. Click on a destination in the Destination list 
  2. Look in the middle to see how many matches the system found
  3. Look a bit to the right to see the profitable matches with details and company names.

You’re good to go to open Deals!

Check your status on the Voice Market

What happened? The system hasn’t found you any profitable deals? You want to know what prices other carriers offer? Get a better picture of the market? Well we have just the thing for you!

  1. Select a destination in the Destinations list
  2. On the right part of the screen find that destination name written in bold. 
  3. Start clicking it to see how you shift between Matches, Sellers and Buyers for that destination. Voila!


What are deals?

Deal – Is an offer sent to another Transparate member for a specific match/mismatch that starts the negotiation process.

You’ll notice the Deals panel in the middle part of the screen. And you’ll also see that it’s divided into Deals New and Deals Done. 

Deals New are sent or received deals that haven’t been accepted/declined yet.

Deals Done are accepted deals and is the place where the other parties contact information is revealed. 

Let’s make some deals!

Phew! We’ve done a lot of work and now we’re ready to reap some fruits. Let’s go ahead and start offering deals to other members.

  1. Select a destination from the Destinations list (on the left part of the screen by the way)
  2. Analyze the matches on the right side.
  3. Once you find the one that you like, click Sell/Buy button and type in a comment/greeting/question in regards to this deal. 

That’s it! Now the other party has received your offer and will be revising it. You might ask: But how do I know if they accept? Don’t worry, if they accept you will see it in the notification center (and you’ll receive an email).

How to find out if someone opened a deal, replied or accepted/declined a deal?  

Let’s say you have sent out a few, or more, deals out there. The other members may either: Accept, Decline your deal, or continue messaging with you.

So, how do you know if someone sent you a message/accepted a deal/ opened you a new one? 

There are a few ways:

  1. The notification center will let you know if you have any incoming messages. Also you can open it to see the notification history.
  2. You will receive an email notification
  3. You can check the deals section for red dots, which mean that there’s something unread there.

Answering incoming deals

You might have guessed that you are not the only one wandering on Transparate and opening deals. You might as well find that someone has made you a couple of offers. And as soon as that happens your notification center will turn green and start blinking. Here’s how to react to that:

  1. Click on the blinking notification center and then on the notification itself. It will show you that deal
  2.  If it’s a new incoming deal you will see a blinking envelope icon. Click on it to see the message
  3. Answer to start negotiation process. (each reply will come in a form of a notification)
  4. If common ground was found, close the chat and click on the Yes* button to accept the deal or No to decline it.

*clicking Yes will give both sides access to their contact information. 

I accepted. Now what? 

Once you or the other side accepts a deal in Deals New, it automatically goes to Deals Done where you can find the other party’s contact info or send him/her an internal message.

You can also, leave feedback or delete deals there. 

The Deal has taken place… Or not. What do I do next?

Let’s say, you’ve accepted a deal, you have contacted that person some time has passed and the deal has taken place. Well, it’s not other yet. Now you need to leave some feedback! Why do you need that? Because your feedback adds to that person’s rating. Rating is shown in each members profile and can influence his status on Transparate. By the way the other side can also leave you feedback. 

  1. On the right side of that deal (in Deals Done) you will see a "feedback” button. Click on it
  2. A pop-up will appear where you can either leave feedback to that person or click *"skip feedback”.
  3. That’s it! There’s really no step three we just wanted to congratulate you with a Successful Deal… Or not. 

*skip feedback is used when the deal didn’t actually take place in real life, so you don’t need to leave fake feedback.  


Service Updates

Updates for 19 June, 2012

We've been working a lot lately to make your Transparate experience even better. There are a lot of minor bug fixes and some big changes as well.
Biggest update: We're in the works to launch a similar trading floor for Vertecto and Carrier Community members. Pro Members of Transparate will have access to members of all 3 communities.
  • Now it's possible to add and search destinations by code. Finally!
  • You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through your destinations and deal. Awesome feature for hardcore users. 
  • Users are obliged to provide a reason when declining a deal. Now you'll always know why your deal was declined
  • You can now indicate if your destination is CLI/Non-CLI right in "+add new destination"
  • The sell/buy buttons that opened the chat box, were replaced with more intuitive message icons. 
  • The M,S,B,New,Done buttons in the middle part of the interface are now switches instead of sorting buttons. And the buttons under them will sort your destinations. Much more intuitive to use.
  • Various bug fixes

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